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Good health begins in the hive

Comvita Health Honey grew out of 100-year-old beekeeping traditions and was brought to life by a counterculture movement based on love and respect for nature and humanity. For almost half a century, Comvita has been helping people achieve wellness and supporting nature in its healing process. These values have become actions - from planting millions of trees to donating products to the frontlines of global crises. But we don't just do these things out of goodness, we do them because bees have taught us an important lesson.

The science behind Manuka Honey

The many health benefits of Manuka Honey are backed by over 9,000 scientific research papers that demonstrate Manuka's unique composition and bioactivity. Comvita is leading the way in creating and understanding the science behind Manuka Honey. Over the past two decades, Comvita scientists and research staff have produced numerous research papers, reports and articles on Manuka Honey. We are committed to continuing to advance scientific research on Manuka to understand what makes this type of honey so special.


We are all deeply connected.

In a hive, each of the tens of thousands of members plays a different role in creating a community that protects, cares for itself and overcomes challenges together. The individual brings balance to the hive, which brings balance to nature. When we take care of ourselves and treat others with kindness and goodwill we give the world a chance to function.

This is our collective character. Comvita has the ingredients, we have the power.

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